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Congrats to Our Lease Buyout Winners!


Here's to happy endings! We want to congratulate Barry and Theresa Barnett, the winners of our lease buyout contest! By choosing to buy out their Subaru Legacy lease through Lease End, they were eligible to "win" their car, which is exactly what happened!

We picked one lucky winner at random from hundreds of eligible customers and paid off their entire car loan. What does that mean for the Barnetts? It means no more car payments, and the peace of mind that they now own their Subaru free and clear! 

It also meant no dealership trips, no haggling, and no hassle. By ending their lease through Lease End, the Barnetts avoided turning their car back into the dealership (and losing the equity they'd built in their leased car). They saved time and money by letting us do all the heavy lifting. 

Interested in buying out your car lease? Check out how the process works here, and stay tuned for our next contest in July for your chance to win!