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The UAW Strike and Your Car: 4 Things to Know Now

If you haven’t heard, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union went on strike September 15. To read more about the strike, check out this page or just Google “UAW strike” – there’s a lot about it out there. Here, we’ll stick to what we do best and cover how this affects the car market and, most importantly, how it could affect you.

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Can I Repair a Leased Vehicle by Myself?

So, your leased car is damaged. Most lease contracts include coverage for approved, predictable maintenance, but usually won’t cover damage from accidents (like, say, a mailbox that appeared out of thin air). If you’d rather avoid disclosing the damage, or just like to work on your own cars, you might be wondering can I repair a leased vehicle myself?

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4 Things to Know About Equity (and Your Leased Car)

Equity can be a confusing topic, and adding leasing into the mix makes it even more complicated. But it’s worth learning about, because it can work for – or against – you. Below, we’ll go over what exactly equity is and how it’s calculated. We’ll also show you why you should care about the potential lease equity in your car, along with the benefits to unlocking and accessing that equity. Ready? Let’s review 4 essential things to know about equity and car leasing.

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