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4 Things to Know About Equity (and Your Leased Car)

Equity can be a confusing topic, and adding leasing into the mix makes it even more complicated. But it’s worth learning about, because it can work for – or against – you. Below, we’ll go over what exactly equity is and how it’s calculated. We’ll also show you why you should care about the potential lease equity in your car, along with the benefits to unlocking and accessing that equity. Ready? Let’s review 4 essential things to know about equity and car leasing.

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Buying Your Lease Out is a Great Idea Right Now - Why?

If you’re currently leasing a car, you may have heard that it’s a really good time to be ending that lease. Maybe someone’s told you that it’s a good option to buy out and keep your leased car – or even sell it. We’ve talked about how to do that on our own site. But why is it a good time to do so?

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