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10 Leased Cars That Retain the Most Equity

We talk a lot about equity – and about how you may have some in your leased car. If you have one of these top cars, you're in luck. 

We looked at the 10 most common vehicles customers bought out through Lease End, and ranked them in terms of average equity retained as we’ve seen in our transactions. (As a quick reminder, the simplest way to estimate the amount of equity retained is to subtract the car’s buyout amount from the car’s current market value.) Here’s what we found:

The Top 10


1. Honda CR-V; 2. Toyota RAV4; 4. Honda Accord; 4. Honda Civic; 5. Toyota Camry

6. Jeep Grand Cherokee; 7. Nissan Rogue; 8. Dodge Ram 1500; 9. Chevrolet Equinox; 10. Ford F-150

In the last year or two, used cars have become more expensive by an average of $7,000 – and half of the cars on this list came in with a higher-than-average increase in value. If you’ve been leasing any of these cars (or own one), that’s great news for you.


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Even if your car isn’t on the list above, there’s still a good chance you have equity in your leased car just waiting to be unlocked. With inventory and supply-chain shortages still affecting the used-car market, it’s a great time to buy out a car lease. Lease End can help you access that equity and get the most value for your vehicle (unlike dealerships, who want to take that equity for themselves). End your lease the easy way by clicking here, or by entering your license plate number or VIN in the box below.

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