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Quiz: Do You Know Car Lease Basics?

In a recent survey conducted through a third-party, Lease End found that only 53% of respondents felt fairly or completely confident in understanding their car lease agreement. 1 in 6 respondents didn't or weren't sure if they actually read through their lease agreement in full. 

What's up with that? Leasing a car is a big commitment, but dealerships and manufacturers like to keep things murky so drivers are less aware of their options and rights. Dealerships and lenders benefit when consumers don't fully understand their leases - and what kind of control they can take back for themselves. 


lease quiz

Whether you're currently in a lease, looking to sign one, or just like testing your knowledge, take our quick Leasing Quiz and see how much you know about the basics of car leasing. No cheating!

How'd you do? We were rooting for you. 

If you got a lower score than you hoped for (or just got lucky guessing), don't sweat it. Lease End has a resource library full of articles about different leasing topics here. These articles were written with everyday people - not car experts - in mind. One of our goals as a company is to make leasing (and buyouts) accessible and approachable for the average driver. 

As you may have learned above, lease buyouts allow a driver leasing a vehicle to buy the car and keep it for themselves. At a time when both new- and used-car prices are soaring (not to mention interest rates), a lease buyout is an easy and relatively affordable path to owning a car.

No matter your score, if you're interested in a lease buyout loan, we want to talk to you (and hopefully help you out).

Going with a lease buyout with Lease End means no mileage-overage fees, no vehicle damage inspections, and no days wasted haggling at the dealership. Yes, we're biased, but we think it's a pretty good deal.

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