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Lease Buyout Company Lease End Steps in Amidst CDK Cyberattacks

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On June 19, 2024, back-to-back cyberattacks shut down CDK Global, a major software provider for the auto industry. Nearly 15,000 car dealerships across the U.S. have since faced significant delays in operations, including loan procurement.

Some dealerships have switched to manual processes, including writing up vehicle orders and loan documents by hand, which has caused delays and inconveniences for drivers.  

And let’s face it: drivers already spend enough time at the dealership without additional delays. 

Despite these challenges, there are still ways to move forward with your car lease buyout plans.  

If you're considering buying out your car lease now or in the future, Lease End offers a seamless, secure, 100% online solution — unaffected by these cyberattacks.  


Our platform connects drivers with the best financing options for lease buyouts, ensuring you can navigate these disruptions with ease and confidence. 

At Lease End, you’ll talk to a real person in real time — with all buyout support staff in Twin Falls, Idaho — and you can buyout your lease from the comfort of your couch. 

Check out our monthly payment calculator for an estimate based on your situation*. Then fill out our form with your lease info to see your official lease buyout loan options from our top financing partners like Ally, TD Bank, and Capital One.  

While every driver’s monthly payment for a buyout will vary based on vehicle, residual value, credit score, and other factors, your new loan payment might be comparable to your lease payment.  

For reference, the average monthly payment for a lease buyout through Lease End is $481.59 while the national average new monthly car loan payment in Q1 2024 for borrowers with the best credit was $723.   

*Note that loan rates depend on a number of factors including credit score, loan amount, loan term, and other eligibility requirements.

Discover how easy it is to buy out your car lease with Lease End. Take control of your car ownership journey, skipping the clunky delays and fees of the dealership route.  


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